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The Web Prescence of G4BEE

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Welcome to G4BEE.net

This is the personal site of G4BEE. Who (or what) is G4BEE you may ask? Well, 'G4BEE' is my Amateur Radio Callsign which is unique throughtout the World. So you may have guessed that this site will contain some stuff about Amateur Radio. However, there are other bits and pieces ensconsed in here as well. The main aim of the site is to do a bit of self-learning using the Microsoft .Net 2 (and later) Technology. So, sit back, browse and enjoy ! Apologies now for the 'presentation' .. it will improve (honest) as Curlykale will be doing nice arty stuff once I get the site functional. Note that as a training/learning exercise, it is inevitable that there will be bugs and errors. Note that registration or logging in is NOT required to view this site at the moment.

What's New

March 2008: Added the FT-817 page.

January 2007: Few more pages added. Bit of a menu restructure.

December 2006: Added photos from Rick Wakeman's Christmas Follies Concert. These can be found in the albums pages. Started updating the radio stuff.


What's Up Lately

Not a lot really - not had much time to play with the site ....

I know this site doesn't quite display properly with IE7 - on the 'to do' list!


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